Why hire a Professional MC?

Why hire a Professional MC?

Have you been to any weddings where the venue, theming, menu, music, and everything was perfect, but the actual celebration itself was awkward and lacked something? Were the bride and groom stressed, organising details and trying to manage the night?

Or, have you been to a wedding where the bride and groom were relaxed, guests enjoyed themselves, and the night just flowed with all the elements and small details coming together perfectly, and you thought “WOW, what a great party”?

Chances are the “WOW” was partly due to having a Professional and Experienced Event Host MC (Master of Ceremonies) controlling the night and taking care of all the details.

Further, you may not have even observed the MC’s presence but what you did notice was that it made a difference and that everything just seemed to flow nicely, and all the elements just came together seamlessly.

Planning the perfect reception is what many couples spend countless hours researching, planning, organising and funding. Your wedding day and your reception will quite likely have a theme and you will have a plan of how you want your event to unfold. For example, the reception itself may be fun and informal, or more structured and formal; it could be a sit down 8 course banquet or a cocktail party style wedding.

Your “Run Sheet” as it is commonly known is your plan and will include; the timing for the night, how you would like your family and bridal party introduced, when you would like the formalities and speeches, banquet service times, cake cutting, bridal waltz, traditions and presentation, father / daughter dance, bouquet & garter toss, and farewells.

Many couples think the role of an MC is merely to make announcements and keep guests informed. Although this may be true in many respects there is a lot more to running your event than meets the eye. An experienced MC will understand your “Run Sheet” and make sure that your order of events happens the way you plan.

An experienced MC will also help you plan your night, and offer suggestions on what works best and when. That same MC will then be there on the night (discreetly and professionally) to make sure everything goes according to your plans and that everything happens on time and to the very best effect. Your MC will also liaise with your other suppliers (photographer, video, banquet manager, band, DJ, pyrotechnics, photo booth, candy bar etc), to ensure they too are fully aware of how you want your night to run.

Having MC’d weddings for over 25 years I offer a great depth of experience which is reassurance for my couples that on their big night, everything will be perfect. I have MC’d weddings with 50 guests and weddings with over 1,000 guests. I have also been the MC for numerous mixed cultural weddings and understand the importance of traditions and special requests.

Your MC should pay attention to detail, like the importance of the pronunciations of names when introducing family and bridal party. Also, over the years I have learned to give an introduction and welcome in a variety of languages. Professionalism and experience help your MC build credibility with your guests and make an immediate and important “connection” so everyone is made to feel welcome.

Remember, the role of the MC is to be “heard and not seen”, they should make the night flow, effectively manage the timeline, whilst keeping guests, informed, engaged and entertained. Having a family friend, or someone inexperienced is never the same as hiring a Professional MC.

On the night the bride and groom should not be stressed, or have to organise anything, instead the only thing they should be concerned about is looking great, relaxing and thoroughly enjoying the experience.

Personally, it is a wonderful privilege to be chosen as someone’s MC. I am passionate about my work, strive to deliver uncompromising service at every event, and specialise in drawing all the small details and elements together to deliver an elegant and fun night.

After all, at the end of the night if the bride and groom are saying to themselves “WOW, what a great party”, I know I will have done my job well.

Frank MC has been a professional Event Host MC since 1990. He has worked in many of Australia’s finest venues and specialises in all types of wedding celebrations and corporate events large and small.

Article Supplied by:  Frank MC

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